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The main activities of eafs-international are research and co-development of educational and family support modules. We study normal childrearing situations and situations in which (members of) families have been traumatized. The latter can exist of war-situations or situations after abuse. Different forms of abuse are included: sexual abuse, neglect, family abuse, emotional abuse.

Support will be operationalized by working together with local organizations in post-conflict settings, rather than by implementing self-developed programs. Eafs-international works on demand in the field or can be consulted for support in program-development.

Support offered by eafs-international will always depart from two assumptions:
One: local organizations have the most knowledge and insights on which methods can be successful in a specific context.
Two: empowerment. Strengths of people will be the starting point and not their weaknesses.


Currently eafs-international is working on a project on parenting support in post-conflict Burundi. This project is partially funded by crowdfunding. See https://onepercentclub.com/en/#!/projects/developing-parenting-support-in-burundi  for more information on how to participate. 

!!!! Direct donations to the project are also possible (see news section of this website) !!!

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